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Insurance Bad Faith

Bad Faith Insurance Attorney Serving Mississippi

Americans purchase insurance to protect themselves, their businesses, or their family from circumstances that can result in financial loss. When an unpredictable situation occurs, insured individuals rely on their insurance policies to assist them through the difficult situation and pay for the losses.

Insurance bad faith occurs when any of the following actions take place:

  • The insurer denies the claim
  • The insurer pays for less than the actual or deserved value of the claim
  • The insurer delays the payment for an unusual amount of time

If you have experienced any of the above situations and would like to determine whether you have an insurance bad faith claim, contact my firm's personal injury attorney in Mississippi!

Recovering Damages in Your Case

Insurance policies are contracts between the insurer and the insured. Insurance bad faith is a breach of contract, which is taken very seriously in Mississippi. In some cases, insurance companies are made to pay punitive damages for their actions. Bad faith insurance cases are torts, and therefore, you will likely be able to sue for damages and reimbursement for expenses incurred from the denial of your claim.

At the Law Office of D. Reid Wamble, I represent individuals and companies who are incurring losses because of the failure of their insurance company to provide full coverage. My firm has provided experienced and high-quality representation for cases involving bad faith insurance. With more than 20 years of experience, you can look to my firm for the legal representation you need.

In order to receive the compensation and other benefits you deserve, you need an experienced and aggressive lawyer. Schedule a free case evaluation with my firm today to learn more about your case and to receive the legal counsel you need!