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Job-Related Injuries in Mississippi

Are you suffering from a job-related injury? I am an experienced personal injury lawyer in Mississippi and I am prepared to fight on your behalf. Contact my firm at once if you are suffering from a workplace accident, including any of the job-related injuries and incidents described below.

Construction Accidents
Construction is a very dangerous profession. Common types of accidents that can be suffered on a construction site include being caught in a machinery or structure, falling from a height, slipping and falling, being struck by equipment, and motor vehicle accidents. You can suffer a wide range of serious injuries in a construction accident, such as general musculoskeletal injuries, so it is important to pursue maximum compensation.

Oil Rig Accidents
With the high number of Mississippi oil rig workers who work on oil fields along the Gulf of Mexico, it is important to understand your rights if you are hurt in an oil rig accident. Oil rigs can be dangerous workplaces where serious injury or even wrongful death can occur. If an oil spill or oil rig accident causes you harm, you should fight for justice with my firm's assistance. After suffering injury in a Mississippi oil rig accident, seek help from my firm.

Offshore Accidents
If you have suffered injury as an offshore worker, you can speak with my firm for assistance pursuing proper recovery. I have a strong understanding of the Jones Act and the Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act. Offshore accident cases can involve oil rig accidents, marine insurance disputes, damage to cargo, diving accidents, and seamen's claims.

Use My Firm's Experience to Your Advantage

After suffering an accident that is related to your occupation, you can trust in the quality representation I offer. At the Law Office of D. Reid Wamble, I have more than 20 years of experience providing quality legal guidance to my clients. I can help you obtain damages for your personal injury, financial loss, or other issues associated with job-related accidents.

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