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Information About Rear-End & Head-On Collisions

Car accidents can occur in a wide range of situations. Two of the most dangerous, yet common, types of car accidents are rear-end and head-on collisions. Rear-end accidents take place when one car is struck from behind by the following vehicle.

The driver in the front vehicle who is struck from behind can sustain various injuries, such as:

  • Neck injury
  • Brain Injury
  • Spine injury
  • Head injury
  • Whiplash

The driver in the following vehicle is considered at fault. Many factors, however, come into play in a rear-end collision that can be considered by a qualified attorney. As your personal injury lawyer in Mississippi, I can prove that the other party is the at-fault party and that he or she is liable. When is it ever okay to hit someone from behind? Never.

Head-on collisions often carry dire outcomes for both drivers. These crashes occur when two vehicles hit each other while facing each other. Injuries sustained in a head-on accident, such as head, neck and back injuries are often catastrophic. In fact, wrongful death is a common result of head-on collisions.

Experienced Personal Injury Attorney in Mississippi

At the Law Office of D. Reid Wamble, I am devoted to helping clients who are seriously injured or who have lost a loved one in an accident. I have more than 30 years of experience providing high-quality legal guidance for clients with personal injury cases. My focus is on helping clients who have suffered injuries caused by the negligence of another individual.

If you have been injured in a head-on or rear-end collision caused by another person's reckless behavior, look no further than my firm for help! I offer free case evaluations and work on a contingency fee basis. Call my firm today to schedule a consultation with a Mississippi personal injury attorney and begin your journey toward full recovery!